“A Warning from U.S. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris”


By Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT Newsletters

Website: www.toughissues.org // Updated: February 17, 2009

A 1-Page Handout // All emphasis is mine unless otherwise noted.


            U.S. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris was a member of the 12-man military commission that tried eight of the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination. (Four of the conspirators were executed!) Harris later wrote a book entitled “Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”, which was first published in 1897. (His book exposes Papal Rome’s – and her Jesuit Order’s – involvement in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.) Brigadier General Harris gave a warning to the American people at the beginning of his book, and I believe that it is as applicable today as it was when written at the end of the 19th century. Here are some excerpts from his warning:


            A foreign political power [Ed.: i.e., Papal Rome]has gotten a lodgment [Ed.: a military term for a foothold that has been gained or seized in the enemy’s territory] in this land of Liberty [Ed.: i.e., the American Constitutional Republic], andis evidently bent on the destruction of our free institutions, and substituting for them Papal despotism: a despotism that lords it over the minds, the consciences, and the actions of its subjects – and thus renders them incapable of loyalty to any other government.


            It is evident that a crisis is even now upon us – a crisis in which the world-old contest between freedom and despotism is to be definitely and finally settled. This is an old fight. The cause of liberty seemed to have achieved the victory when our forefathers achieved their independence through a successful revolution and founded our government on the principles for the first time formally announced in our Declaration of Independence – securing to our people the natural rights of man: freedom of the mind and conscience, freedom of worship, freedom of speech and of action, and protection in the exercise of these rights. [Ed.: Various popes and high-level Roman Catholic prelates throughout history have anathematized, condemned, and denounced the very freedoms that we Americans cherish.]


            The cause of human liberty is in danger Is this all imaginary, or is there a real danger hanging over us like a cloud? Is the Roman Catholic Church the friend, or the foe of liberty? Is it a branch of the Church of [Jesus] Christ, in common with the various Protestant denominations, laboring in common with them, for the establishment of Christ’s kingdom on earth? If we answer this question in the light of history, in the light of present experience, in the light of the monstrous claims of the Pope, and in the light of the spirit by which it is everywhere and always animated, and in the light of its present efforts in our country, and in all lands, we must say that it does not, in any degree, bear the marks of a church of [Jesus] Christ. It [Ed.: i.e., the Roman Catholic Church] is, in fact, only a compact, well-organized, and powerful political machine, wielded in the interest of the greatest despotism that has ever cursed the earth. It has never manifested the spirit of Christ in all of its past history, and so is not a Christian church at all; and as [Ed.: i.e., since] it has always been grasping after temporal power, and civil domination, and is now, as it has always been, laboring for civil supremacy all over the world, we are surely warranted in calling it a huge and dangerous political machine But are our institutions in danger from this foe? Have we any cause for alarm? Yes, my fellow countrymen, there is cause for alarm Every citizen, and every sojourner in this country, who is loyal to the Roman Catholic Church, is an enemy to our government, of necessity, for he yields his highest allegiance to the Pope of Rome, a foreign potentate, who has time and again anathematized every fundamental principle of our government. He has denounced liberty of conscience, freedom of speech and of press, freedom of worship and of teaching, as pestilent and damnable heresies – destructive to order, and to the peace and welfare of society. [Ed.: For an excellent example of papal hatred of civil and religious liberty, please read Pope Pius IX’s Syllabus of Errors.] The highest dignitaries of this so-called church have declared their purpose to make this [Ed.: the American Constitutional Republic] a Roman Catholic country


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