“The Murder of Sonny Bono”


By Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT Newsletters

Website: www.toughissues.org

All emphasis is mine unless otherwise noted.

A 1-Page Handout // January 16, 2009


Salvatore Phillip “Sonny” Bono was born in 1935, and allegedly died in a skiing accident in Nevada on January 5, 1998. He became famous in the 1960s as part of the “Sonny & Cher” singing duo. On April 4, 1994 “Sonny” Bono was sworn in at the 104th U.S Congress as the representative from the 4th Congressional District of California.


Bob Fletcher, an investigative reporter, had provided Congressman Bono with a report entitled “CIA, Drugs, and Government Corruption”. Fletcher’s report included the names of military generals, CIA agents, CIA station chiefs, covert agents, executive appointees, Mafia kingpins, and others who had been involved in drug smuggling, illegal arms sales, money laundering, and/or murder.


            Bob Fletcher tells us: “When he [Ed.: Congressman Bono] had gotten information that high-level persons for several years – hiding under and behind the rubber stamp of ‘secrecy’ and ‘top secret operations’ – that these people had been carrying out drug smuggling, assassinations, overthrows of governmentsillegal arms [Ed.: sales][it] really bothered Sonny [Ed.: Bono]. And when he received my report – and reports from other directions as well – and they all seemed to cross at the same point – he [Ed.: felt] absolutely obligated to investigate it. That was the motive for [the] murder of Congressman Sonny Bono.”


Congressman Bono was scheduled to join the Intelligence Committee in early 1998, where he would have had the power of subpoena. In late December of 1997, Frank Cullen, the general assistant and press secretary for Congressman Bono, phoned Bob Fletcher. Cullen told Fletcher that after the Christmas holiday break, Congressman Bono planned to go after at least two or three of the individuals mentioned in Fletcher’s investigative report.


             Unfortunately, word had leaked out about Congressman Bono’s plans to launch an investigation into drug smuggling, murder, and fraud that reached into the highest levels of the Federal government.


            Bob Fletcher, in his documentary DVD entitled “Destiny Denied: The Murder of Congressman Sonny Bono”, lists numerous problems with the conclusion that Congressman Bono died as a result of a skiing accident where he allegedly ran into a tree at a high speed. Here are several of the problems with the tree-collision “scenario”: there was no trauma or hemorrhages in Sonny’s neck; there were no contra-coup brain bruises or damage to the back areas of Sonny’s brain (i.e., a whiplash effect to the brain); the injuries to the skull and brain tissue on the upper right front of Sonny’s head were far more consistent with blows delivered by a pistol or black jack than injuries resulting from a high-speed collision with a tree; etc.


Note: If you would like to view Bob Fletcher’s 90-minute DVD documentary, “Destiny Denied: The Murder of Congressman Sonny Bono”, you can purchase it using your credit card for $22.95 (includes S&H to U.S. locations) by calling “Radio Liberty” on their toll-free order line: 1-800-544-8927. (The “Radio Liberty” Internet website is www.radioliberty.com.)